The world always has and always will be full of communities. Some communities are large and complex like local government and other communities are small and straightforward like sports clubs. All of these communities have been radically disrupted in recent years due to technological advancements. Councils are now expected to deliver digital first solutions and sports clubs have designated social media experts.

This move to online service delivery represents significant opportunities to improve the lives of the individuals within these communities. SignedUp is an online platform designed to help communities deliver efficient, effective and joined-up online services by acting as a common framework that community stakeholders can use to deliver their services.

Our unique delivery model means we implement our platform directly into communities (e.g. Local economic regions, education networks, industry bodies etc.) and enable stakeholders within that community to access our tools to build their services. For example, an economic development team within a council might run 30 different local initiatives to serve their local citizens. Of those 30 initiatives, there is a likelihood that they will all require some kind of online presence, application process, workflow, management tool and so on. A local instance of SignedUp would enable that economic development team to provide their 30 initiatives within a secure area of the platform.

This approach means individuals can access all of the services their community is offering from one central account. All these communities have to do to ensure their stakeholders can access their services is make sure they are SignedUp!

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