SignedUp also includes a platform which can help Councils identify, track and report on the root causes of people’s problems and assist with trying to resolve these rather than just focussing on the presenting problems.

The platform is designed to support service transformation by associating demands with system blockages and constraints, all of which can be tied back to the organisation’s strategic objectives. Informed decisions can be made on the basis of what is actually happening rather than what might be happening.

The presenting problem is typically the symptom of another – addressing the root causes results in reducing demand which significantly reduces costs. Intervening earlier, helps avoid problems becoming more complex, reducing the interactions with multiple services and agencies – again reducing costs.

We are working with Redditch Borough Council and Bromsgrove District Council to scale up their systems thinking service transformation, aimed at understanding contextual demand to deliver better and more sustainable outcomes for customers. The platform enables front line staff to focus on how to ‘help the person’, the outputs from which inform management on where to ‘fix the system’.

A different approach

Traditional software products e.g. housing, environmental or case management systems tend to be inflexible – very much built to support the traditional way of working in silos, with emphasis on the process rather than the person. Multiple siloed and disparate systems, hinder joined-up customer centric working both within a council and with external partners e.g. police, health, social services etc.

Our service transformation platform allows council employees to focus on how to ‘help the person’, the outputs from which will inform management on where to ‘fix the system’ i.e. your organisation and partner agencies as a ‘system’.  It supports an understanding of root causes behind presenting demand, with the aim of delivering better and more sustainable outcomes for customers.

Our platform is multi-modular where each service or department can have their own system within a common platform.  Each department can create IT to solve their requirements as they wish, but from a common platform that makes effective re-use of functionality and data to reduce cost, provide better data and support better and more informed decision making.

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