Employer engagement has become a major focus point for schools around the world due to the significant impact it has on the work readiness of a child. SignedUp provides schools with a management tool to ensure all employer engagement activities are managed from one central location that provides staff and pupils with access to the information they need.

The platform allows schools to provide valuable work experience programmes – providing an online tool to reduce the administrative burden on busy teachers and staff and also helping to ensure compliance with Health & Safety regulations. It’s also flexible enough to manage other careers related initiatives such as employer mentoring or speakers and can be used to sign post careers advice and resources for students.


  • One secure central system for everyone – provided online with secure access with no data ownership or protection issues.
  • Save time & reduce costs – no more piles of paper or disparate spreadsheets. Everyone has access to up to date real time information. Save money by reducing paperwork, postage and copying.
  • Remove Health & Safety headache – demonstrate that health & safety requirements are being met as Employed shows which employers have been visited and vetted.
  • Improve efficiency – multiple schools can use the same system which makes it easier for the schools, employers and the Local Authorities.
  • Better access to careers information – helping you to meet the statutory duty to provide independent impartial careers advice. We can also provide a branded portal where you can promote careers information and resources and work placement or other opportunities.
  • Flexible – the same system can be used for pre-16 and post 16 work experience placements and to manage different programmes e.g. mentoring

“A good understanding of the world of work and employment opportunities available is fundamentally important to all young people, irrespective of the educational and career pathways they choose. This needs to start earlier and be delivered in a way which inspires and excites young people. It must also be sustained and focused throughout young people’s education, helping them to manage their careers, develop skills to secure employment and succeed in the workplace” Education Working for All – Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce Final Report – Sir Ian Wood, June 2014

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