The concept

Our online platform  can help Local Authorities identify, track and report on the root causes of people’s problems and assist with trying to resolve these rather than just focussing on the presenting problems.

Throughout the design and development of the original Case Measures system we always envisaged that the system would be used as the basis for other council departments to manage their workload and therefore contribute to a holistic approach to measuring council performance.

What emerged was the PPP concept – Person, Place, and Problem. These three things form the basis of a large number of responsibilities that a Council has.

During the development of the case measures system we’ve had to build a database to store addresses, tasks, customers, system users and so on, and the logic to search, create, edit and delete them.

We’ve also been flexible in that the majority of the look up lists in there, such as task categories, contact detail types, agencies, teams and so on are user configurable – meaning an admin user can tinker with them without needing us to do anything.

At a very high level the platform features:

  • Security – User maintenance, log in, forgotten password, roles, permissions.
  • People – Ability to capture, store and search on people records. Including configurable contact detail types, configurable external reference numbers, address history and configurable relationship types.
  • Addresses – property records including UPRN with gazetteer import. Problem definition – Cases consisting of one or more ‘demands’ (problems to address), which are configurable.
  • Activity tracking – Activities consisting of one or more ‘tasks’ with person involved, how long etc. Task and task categories are configurable. S
  • imple workflow – notion of ‘intentions’ which are things that need to be done, currently used to log follow up actions, but is very flexible.
  • System conditions– Things that come up which get in the way of doing the job.

After listening to various Council departments to find out what they need, we’ve come up with a set of modules for the platform:

  •  Customer Interactions Module
  • Strategic Measures Dashboard
  • Gas Electric Utilities Servicing Module
  • Rent Arrears Monitoring
  • Module Environmental
  • Services Ticketing Module

The overall principle is that each department who needs their own module within this platform will have their own:

  • Set of configurable data, including demand types, demand categories, task categories, tasks, intention types etc.
  • Bespoke screens to get data in and out in a manner that suits their business processes.
  • Users Team types

Unlike other systems which can be too restrictive in the way they enforce business process, we’ve designed our platform so that it can be flexible and adapt to changes to the way people work.

The outward facing citizen aspect of the system can be provided by our SignedUp platform.

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