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UWS Employer Mentoring Programme receives recognition from Scottish Mentoring Network

We’re delighted to hear the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) Employer Mentoring Programme receive such positive recognition for their hard work, being awarded the Education Project of the Year by the Scottish Mentoring Network. This award recognises the ongoing investment which the Enterprise and Employer Engagement team at UWS inject into their work with the mentoring programme, in which our partnership has been able to support their efforts to streamline processes through the PDMS Employed platform and free up valuable time to focus on the mentee and mentor needs.

UWS Enterprise and Employer Engagement team have released the following:

UWS Enterprise and employer engagement

Lynsey McMahon, Employer Mentoring Co-ordinator and Karen Shearer, Programme Administrator attended the Scottish Mentoring Network Recognition Awards at the St Paul’s & St George’s Church, Edinburgh on Wednesday 15th November.

The UWS Employer Mentoring Programme has been awarded again this year, this time for Education Project of the Year.  The award recognises successes and achievements over the past year including outcomes for mentees, training and applying good practice.

Both Karen and Lynsey were also awarded with Highly Commended Employee and Mentor Bob Davidson, Programme Director, Developing the Young Workforce West Region (DYW West) was awarded with Outstanding Mentor Contribution to Mentoring.  Bob has supported our programme since its launch in 2012 and has made a significant impact in supporting his mentees over the years as well as his wider contribution to UWS through his collaboration with academics and support to the Engineering and Computing Industrial Advisory Board.

The UWS Employer Mentoring Programme supports 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students to develop their employability skills and industry knowledge with the support of a professional in industry.  Since its pilot in 2012, a total of 160 students have participated with employer involvement across a range of industries from SME’s to larger businesses including Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Balfour Beatty, Scottish Institute for Enterprise, NHS and BBC Scotland.  Our programme is also recognised on the UWS Higher Education Achievement Record.

Our 2017/18 programme is now underway with 49 students to match.  This year we introduced a new mentoring platform in collaboration with PDMS hosted through the UWS MyPortfolio site which enables us to customise our own bespoke programme and means a simpler process for managing mentee and mentor applications and mentoring matches.

To find out more about the UWS Employer Mentoring Programme please contact [email protected]

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